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October 16, 2011
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Cloud by EternalStay Cloud by EternalStay
Would anyone be interested in this being a tumblr theme?

Current Version: 0.8.3
You can check yours by hovering the circle on the bottom right
If there is no circle you have 0.7.7
[How To Use] <- broken until I get another chance to use skins
[Possible Use] [2]
[General Use]

At the top of the code are some color values. Change them if you would like another color scheme :)

So here it is, my first journal skin :la:
That was the description.

since release (0.7.3)
0.7.4 - changed font of timestamp
0.7.5 - removed credit automatically added by deviantART
0.7.6 - removed how to link from credits
0.7.7 - prevention measures (update of dA ruined it)
0.7.8 - back to normal again
0.7.9 - title should be visible again (DD bonus)
0.8.0 - Finally another font! Now I don't want any more complaints :stinkeye:
0.8.1 - fixed text shown in Opera when it shouldn't
0.8.2 - fixed some display bugs in Writer's Rich Editing Mode
0.8.3 - fixed mood bubble thingie & added comments to the customizable colors

--To Do--
So I won't forget what to fix/add next time
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Daily Deviation

Given 2012-03-12
The suggester said about Cloud by ~EternalStay, "One of the most complex and craziest skins i have seen so far on dA. Perfect for all that like to add endless bits to their journals and have much to say". I can only agree - it's crazy, advanced and awesome.

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That's the third time you feature that skin if I'm not mistaken :lmao:
But then again I can only find two comments of yours mentioning it, so I'm not really sure :hmm:

Anyway, thanks (yet) again! Too bad the How to Use live version is currently broken ^^;
namenotrequired Feb 10, 2013  Student Interface Designer
:giggle: And the third was that I featured it as a DD of course!

No problem :hug:
That was too obvious to figure out :ohmygod:
namenotrequired Feb 10, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Lol :hug:
Featured here Feature-O-Matic - Edition #02

Consider faving:+fav: it! :hug:
Thanks again dude! :happybounce:
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